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Want a natural solution to your headache pain in Lacey?

Looking for a headache doctor who does more than recommend temporary solutions like pain medication that only mask the real issue? At Finnigan Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Aaron Odd specializes in treating headaches and headache pain naturally.

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Headaches can range from uncomfortable for some, to downright debilitating for others. Oftentimes, issues in the upper neck or jaw can be the real culprit of chronic headaches. Years of bad posture, sitting long periods, carrying heavy bags, sleeping in detrimental positions, and stress are all contributing factors.

At Finnigan Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Aaron Odd has helped headache sufferers in Lacey, Olympia, Tumwater and all over Thurston County. 

Read what Sarah from Lacey said about her headaches;

"I remember coming here years ago when I had migraines almost every day. But after coming here for a couple months my migraines stopped and I haven't had problems with them for 15 years!"

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Even straining your neck forward to look at that laptop or smartphone can cause the upper bones (vertebrae) of your neck to tighten and lose their intended range of motion.

Just as your foot would react after walking around in a shoe that’s a size too small, tight neck bones can become irritated and inflamed. The strain on your upper neck ultimately causes the transfer of pain to the head.

The good news is, these commonly overlooked sources of head pain can be treated naturally with our help at Finnigan Chiropractic Clinic. Patients love our holistic, comprehensive approach because it addresses your body from a broad perspective, which ironically helps us hone in and identify the real cause of your pain. Utilizing multiple healing disciplines like massage therapy and corrective exercise alongside chiropractic gives your body its best chance for optimal performance.

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